CHARONIUM®, an award-winning service addressing the critical need to safeguard and pass on your digital assets for the benefit of your heirs, ensures security through your Private Key.

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Elevate your security with CHARONIUM®'s innovative haptic plates, known as “Charonium Fragments“, designed to safeguard your Private Key using the BIP39 wordlist.

Experience peace of mind and robust security for your valuable holdings, backed by the trusted expertise of Charonium Fragments and the personalized care of “Charonium Legacy” from a notary, lawyer or CHARONIUM®


This obolus is inspired by the "Charon Obolus", an ancient funerary coin that paid for the cost of crossing the mystic river STYX into the afterlife. We have reissued the obolus in real gold, silver and copper and hand minted it.


Every Fragment & Obolus contains a Free NFT Code to redeem your corresponding NFT. With this NFT in your wallet, you will be able to access the Charonium Member Area called Underverse® and all the future updates and upcoming projects in this exclusive Member Area.

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STYX® is a UTILITY TOKEN limited to 690 million units, designed for lasting success. Transparent tokenomics and innovative incentives empower strong growth. A percentage of all net income generated by CHARONIUM® will be utilized to BUY & BURN STYX® tokens, further enhancing its scarcity and value.


According to Greek mythology, Charon, the ferryman of Hades, had the task of ferrying the souls of the deceased across the river Styx from the realm of the living to the realm of the dead. As payment for this crossing, Charon received a coin, known as the "Charon Obolus." Drawing inspiration from Charon the ferryman and the well-known cryptocurrency Ethereum, our service was named CHARON-IUM. The company logo was developed based on the design of a historical obolus coin.


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The Fragments are currently made of stainless steel.
Haptic plates enhance security and ease of use.
FRAGMENT | 12 released, FRAGMENT | 24 and FRAGMENT | 33 planned.
The number represents the quantity of seed phrases used by your wallet/device.
Yes, each CHARONIUM® Obolus includes a free NFT, serving as your KEY to the UNDERVERSE®.
Yes, each comes with an NFT as your KEY to the UNDERVERSE®.
It serves as a physical collector item and a container for an NFT, granting access to the UNDERVERSE®.
CHARONIUM®'s Memberarea and offerings, including (pre)sale and upcoming services/products.
STYX® is a regulated and limited Utility Token of CHARONIUM® and operates on the Blockchain BASE, offering users the opportunity to profit from the certainty of death.
Yes, you can enter the UNDERVERSE® by providing your wallet address.
A system for locating and managing digital assets, designed to work seamlessly with CHARONIUM® FRAGMENTS and operates in cooperation with notaries and lawyers.
Yes, we won the Austrian Blockchain Award. The prize recognizes Austrian blockchain projects that stand out through a sustainable business model, proven practicality, and disruptive application possibilities.

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