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The goal of CHARONIUM® is to protect digital assets. Spanning for generations.

✓ Future-proof

✓ Separable fragments

✓ Own NFT and STYX tokens

✓ Keys to the Homeland & Underverse

You want the most secure solution for your digital assets? Then click the blue button now to protect your assets.


3.7 million Bitcoin are lost forever


To date, digital assets worth billions of dollars have been lost. On the one hand, this is due to the loss of Private Keys. On the other hand, very few investors have addressed what will happen to their assets after they pass away.

We thought about it. The result is CHARONIUM. The first all-in-one solution that enables the safeguarding and splitting of digital assets.

The Shamir Sharding Principle


Your Private Key is split up into three CHARONIUM fragments. Every fragment can be stored in a different, safe location of your choice.

For you, this brings noticeably more security. CHARONIUM offers the first client-centric solution for splitting digital assets. That way, losing your entire portfolio is nearly impossible.

Outstanding design & maximum safety


The Seed Phrase is a complex word encryption. Only the correct words in the right order enable the recovery of the Private Key. Without the Seed Phrase a decryption is impossible.

This is how it works: Each word represents a different four-digit numeric code. The fire-resistant stainless steel CHARONIUM fragment has four-digit codes chiseled into it. Not only does this give a look of high quality, it also protects the digital assets reliably and permanently.

Your key on the other side


Every year a new limited edition of the CHARONIUM OBOLUS is launched: This Obolus is inspired by the Greek “Charon Obolus”, an antique burial object that paid the costs for the journey to the hereafter through the river Styx. We have remastered the Obolus in genuine gold, silver, and copper and minted it by hand. Our Obolus guides you directly into the Underverse.



Every limited OBOLUS is also issued as a NFT. This NFT is your key to the portal to the underworld, the so-called Underverse. The Underverse and its buried riches won't be out of your reach any longer thanks to the CHARONIUM OBOLUS and the complementary NFT.

The presale has started


Your computer, your phone, or even a safe are not a secure place for your digital assets. They are no more than compromises. Charonium is an all-in-one solution that enables the safeguarding and splitting of your digital assets.

With Charonium your digital assets are safe and can even be inherited.

Charonium Fragmente + Gold Obolus

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mit zugang zum UNDERVERSE und exclusive incentives

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Made in Austria
Hand-made Production
Climate neutral production

Austrian Blockchain Award 2022

Nominated & won!

CHARONIUM is also the winner of the Austria Blockchain Award 2022 in the business category. The Austrian Blockchain Award rewards unique Blockchain-projects with a sustainable business model, proven practicality and disruptive possibilities for application.

Success is a team effort.

Cooperation partners & sponsors

Our carefully selected partners and sponsors who support us in creating the universe we dream of.

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The future

The CHARONIUM universe is constantly expanding.

    • Soft Launch
    • Obolus | Pre-Sale
    • Affiliate Programm
    • Fragment (24) | Pre-Sale
    • CHARONIUM Partnerprogramm
    • CHARONIUM Support Programm
    • STYX Token | Private-Sale
    • OBOLUS NFT | OpenSea Sale
    • WOIN8 COOP
    • Merchandise Store
    • Fragment (24) | Sale Start
    • Underverse
    • HadesKeys (NFT Project)
    • Fragment (12) | Pre-Sale
    • ICO (public)
    • Fragment (12) | Sale Start
    • CHARONIUM Bequest | Alpha Phase
    • Underverse | Update 2.0
    • EtherTitanen (NFT Project)
    • More coming soon ...


STYX Token

STYX tokens are the new digital currency for services in the CHARONIUM universe. They are named after the river Styx, which separates the land of the living from the land of the dead. STYX tokens are also valid in the Underverse and in Charon’s homeland. In a later stage, they will also be valid with our partners.

To obtain the STYX token, you require the OBOLUS NFT.


Here you can find answers to your questions:

All services, services as well as the STYX token are run on the ETHEREUM blockchain.

Even if you lose a piece of the fragment, you still have two more pieces to recover your Private Key. Soon we will also offer you our own service where we will make the storage very easy for you!

The current delivery date is mid/late December 2022. Since we process orders in order, you will receive the shipping confirmation depending on the date of your order. Also, we will keep all pre-orderers informed about the status of the order on an ongoing basis.

Yes, every year a new series of the CHARONIUM Obolus will be created. However, the quantity per person is limited! Maximum per person: 1x gold, 3x silver and 5 copper obolus.

NFT stands for "Non Fungible Token", which is a "non-exchangeable" but digitally tradable good. Each individual asset has a uniquely identifiable owner on the blockchain.

During the PRE-Sale and ICO, STYX tokens can only be purchased on the official Charonium website. At the conclusion of the ICO, STYX Token will also be listed on select Exchanges. To give as many people as possible the opportunity to invest in STYX Token, new Exchanges will be added continuously.

STYX is the new digital currency for services in and around the Charonium universe. If one is also an owner of a Charonium Digital Obolus (NFT) - which can be acquired by purchasing an analog Charonium Obolus - the Underverse becomes accessible to the owner of the NFT. The Utility Token (ERC20 - Ethereum) can be used in the Underverse as a means of payment for gamified content, DeFi, and digital assets.

What does Charonium mean?


According to Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman of Hades. Charon had the duty to transport the souls of the deceased over the river Styx from the land of the living to the land of the dead.

The payment Charon would receive for this journey was a coin called the “Charon Obolus”.

Inspired by the ferryman Charon and the sound of the famous cryptocurrency Ethereum, we have named our service CHARON-IUM. The company logo was developed from the embossing of a historic Obolus discovery.

Charon's Homeland

The Path to the Underverse

Charon’s home is located in the parallel world between the dead and the living. A small village is located in the bay, close to the river Styx.

You will come across different villages, unique characters, and many mysterious stories, all worth exploring. You might even come across limited or exclusive assets in this world.

The portal to the underworld

The Underverse

Thanks to the CHARONIUM Obolus the underworld and the Underverse are no longer out of grasp. All known characters and countries of the dark realm will be found, as they have been passed down through the ancient stories.

Exclusive benefits, STYX Tokens, the sale of lands, rare NFT collections, auctions, and even more opportunities await you in the Underverse.