Available soon!


As soon as we open the gates to the Underverse, our members' area, you will have access to various services related to the safekeeping and inheritance of your digital assets.

To get access to the Underverse you need an Obolus NFT, which you can get for free by purchasing a Charonium Obolus or by purchasing the NFT on platforms like OpenSea.

If you then hold this NFT in your wallet (e.g. Metamask), you will automatically be granted access.


To install Metamask, go to metamask.io and select "Chrome Extension" or the extension for another browser you want to support and use. Follow the instructions.

Make sure you create a secure password and keep your password and especially the seed phrase in a safe place. We recommend our CHARONIUM FRAGMENTS to keep your seed phrase safe.

Important: Never share your password or seed phrase with anyone!